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Featured Project: Toddy & Deano's Keeping It Tight Tour

In 2013, I set off on quite a journey– following Steve Todd and Anthony Dean, aka Toddy & Deano, frequent guest stars on The Discovery Channel’s hit show Fast N’ Loud, as they toured 14 states in 14 days. Visits to brew pubs, helicopter air fields, casinos, and an endless series of auto garages as their customized 1959 Pontiac Bonneville broke down in every state. Collected here in a playlist are all 9 episodes of the web series we created (total estimated run time: 32 min).

Bowie Remembered: Excerpts from my Album Project

Top 10-Fewer-Than-100 Films

Brazenly ripping off the format from Bennett Media, I’ve decided to assemble a list, AS IT CURRENTLY STANDS in the year of our Lords of Dogtown 2017, of the films swirling around the background of my young-ish brain.

Yeah, it’s not 100. For whatever reason, in assembling this collection, I realized 90 is the threshold before I felt myself stretching, inflating the personal importance of a few likable-enough DVDs on my shelf. Minority Report and Michael Clayton are cracking entertainments, but do I really think about them that often? Finding enough to reach an arbitrary centuplicate was surprisingly difficult, and a few titles were trimmed just to round it off. Just to make things even more frustrating to the listicle addicts, I haven’t ranked them in order of Greatness, but chronologically.

This approach: (1) Breaks up the visual monotony of sequels next to each other, and (2) Insinuates certain things about each films’ relationship to my life. There are several released before I was born, but you can apply my personal timeline against the release schedule and intuit what I probably grew up with, what I explored as a teenager, what I paid my own money to see in the theater. Check the list after the jump!

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The Fury of No Momentum: The Baffling Return of

TP Critique Title

1 – In Which the Author Provides Autobiographical Context

These are the facts. As I write this, I’m turning 29 years old, after four episodes of “Twin Peaks: The Return” have aired. I have been preoccupied with “Twin Peaks” for 16 of those years. That means over half of my existence has been spent thinking about wind through Douglas Fir branches, the appreciation of coffee and donuts, backwards/forwards dialogue, red drapes, logs, cherry stems, cherry pies, huckleberry muffins, The Muffin, strobe lights, jazz music, and the blankness of farts. It involves purchasing three generations of home video media, a constant revisitation of just a little over 30 hours of visual/aural entertainment, bolstered by four official books, hours of original music, fan art and retrospective interviews and message board discussions.

Watching “Twin Peaks” for the first time at age 13 meant realizing that movies and TV have an author behind them, just like the names on the spines of books. In this case, the names were David Lynch and Mark Frost. I’ve since become a bit of an evangelist for the unfairly underplayed contributions of Frost to the series, but admittedly, the quest to seek out Lynch’s art in all its forms is a far more seductive one. I’ve seen and listened to everything that carries his directorial stamp with the sole exclusion of, ironically, his one attempt at a 4-quadrant crowd pleaser: Dune. Nothing else Lynch has created is exactly like “Twin Peaks,” but like Special Agent Chet Desmond in Fire Walk With Me, he has his own M.O. There are certain rhythms he sets, fetishes he indulges, feelings he pulls from the air.

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Martin Shkreli Hearing [The Kirk Show]

Marty, Marty, Marty, you have been a bad monkey! K-SPAN brings you highly sought-after excerpts from the House Committee Hearing of “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli. Chairman Buckley (Kirk Gunton) and Congressman Reitzell (Kirk Rozich) really put him through the wringer. You won’t see this scintillating footage anywhere else.

Details about this unique shoot after the jump.

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The Company, or: Weyland-Yutani Call Center [The Kirk Show]

In space, no one will take your call. Well, no one qualified, anyway.

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“Roslin and Adama” Piano Cover

From “Battlestar Galactica